Friday, July 12th t/m Sunday, July 14th 

My mother used to often say “the better the day, the better the deed”. Well, July 12th is a very significant date in Northern Ireland and, of course, July 14th is widely celebrated in France. ‘The glorious 12th’ or ‘Orangeman’s day’ is the day that Northern Irish Protestants celebrate the victory of the Dutch King William of Orange over the Catholic King James II at the battle of the Boyne in 1690. This led to what the Irish called the Williamite wars and the Scots called the Jacobite wars both of which had tragic consequences. Anyway, enough of that horrible history – it’s time to play some music!

This year we have booked Jock and Stevie a.k.a. The Box o’Bananas to perform at our little festival. The Boogiemen are otherwise engaged. 

The Box o’Bananas

‘Scotland’s 2nd greatest export’

If you’ve been to one of our festivals you’ll be familiar with the Bananas. Jock the Box and Stevie Gillies are two of the most amazing musicians you’re ever likely to hear. They can move effortlessly from plaintiff Scottish ballads to raunchy AC/DC favourites – and everything in between. You’ll be in for a highly entertaining evening featuring a very wide range of musical styles from Scottish, Irish, Folk, Rock, Pop, Cajun with a splattering of utter nonsense and Gallic gibberish.

Apart from the Bananas we will have some very special guests to help with the sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We also invite you to bring an instrument and join in. I do have one guitar that I can lend out but it’s always better to bring your own instrument. On Saturday evening I could very easily be persuaded to open the show and support the Bananas for their second performance. Again, I may be able to convince some friends and family to join in. 

Pannekoekhuis Onder de Vuurtoren - Celtic Music Festival


Friday, July 12th – 20:30

The Box o’Bananas in concert

Saturday, July 13th – 14:00

An Open Session on our beautiful terrace with The Bananas, Paul and other special guests.

Saturday, July 13th – 20:30

Paul opens the evening with a few songs before The Box o’Bananas take over.

Sunday, July 14th – 14:00

Another session on our terrace. All invited. 

Pannekoekhuis Onder de Vuurtoren - Celtic Music Festival

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Thank you all and we’ll see you next year.